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My favourite time to photograph a newborn is within the first 6-10 days after birth.  It is at this time that babies are still very sleepy, and still almost as pliable and “curly” as they were in the womb.  They usually sleep very heavily, and it’s also before the onset of any possible baby acne or colic.  All of these factors make for a more calming session, and it also makes the more difficult poses possible.  Beyond about 2 weeks of age, any poses that require the baby to be in a deep sleep may become impossible.


Lifestyle Newborn or 48 Hours Fresh (in hospital)

Lifestyle sessions offer more relaxed candid type of imagery at your own home instead of the more posed and styled images which would be done at my studio. 2 hour session in your own home of baby, baby’s parents and siblings. We will use of a few simple wraps and accessories that I will bring (2-3 items). This type of session focuses more on your home environment and a more relaxed interaction with family members instead of studio props, backgrounds and poses. Session will take up to 2 hours (approximately).

  • Up to 2 hours session (approximately)

  • Pre planning & Consultation

  • All edited digital images

  • Online gallery to share with family & friends

  • Gallery ready within 3 weeks

  • 280 OMR

Kindly read and agree to Terms & Conditions to continue booking your session with me!

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